Sohan Ariel Hayes

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  • ISEA2013

    Sohan Ariel Hayes was born in the 1970s and lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. he is media artist working in the fields of expanded and interactive cinema, animation, pervasive games, systems theory, locative media. Hayes has exhibited widely, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Fremantle Arts Centre, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and Goddard de Fiddes Gallery in Perth, Plimsoll Gallery in Tasmania, the Jerwood Gallery in London, TAV Gallery in Taiwan, and the Post Museum in Singapore. He has received several national and international awards for his work, including from the British Multimedia Industry Awards in 2002, Laval Virtual, France (2011), Atom Awards, Australia (2002), and the Freeplay Independent Game Awards, Australia (2010). In 1997 he received a nomination for ABAF Most Outstanding Patron of the Arts, Western Australia.

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  • Perth, Australia

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