Sushma Joshi

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  • ISEA1997

    I majored in International Relations from Brown University (USA). I am at present working in Kathmandu to develop an online version for a respectable South Asian magazine. I will also be starting my own disreputable South Asian “tine”. I am very interested in documentaries, and am helping to organize a South Asian film festival being held in Kathmandu on Sept. 18-21. The Sound of Silence, a “video-allegory” about cultural communications has been accepted to the Yamagata International Documentary film Festival in Japan, from October 6 to 13. I am also formulating an idea for a web or CD-ROM project of an experimental tour of the Kathmandu Valley, a scavenger hunt of Buddhist scriptures, Tantric philosophy, Malta architecture and modernity. If anybody is interested in collaborating, please get in touch with me at sushma[at]mos[dot]com[dot]np.

Last Known Location:

  • Nepal

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