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  • ISEA2019

    Tacit Group, Seoul, South Korea. A media arts performance group formed in 2008, sharing their vision of generating the 21st century’s new arts. Mostly inspired by digital technology, conducts numerous projects such as multimedia performance, Interactive installation, algorithm arts through computer programming. Although taking after the innovative nature of 20th century’s art, the group refuses to end in experiment and innovation. Develop projects from discovering artistic territory from day to day analog/digital ingredients. Recognized for their intuitive recreation and unique quality. For this performance, they’ve prepared pieces inspired by familiar everyday materials such as a game of Tetris, or IM(Instant Messaging). Tacit group enables the audience to enjoy and immerse into the world of contemporary music, which generally is conceived as ‘difficult’, through its unique world view. Tacit Group’s first solo performance was held at the summer of 2009 at Doosan Art Centre. They started gaining global reputation since 2011. Invited for the opening stage of the 45th Aarhus Festuge at Denmark, and successfully finished their US tour including shows at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and Lincoln Center in New York at the winter of 2012. The group’s 3rd solo performance was at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea as its opening celebration show in 2013. In 2015, they successfully finished the European tour at France and Belgium and were also invited at NYU Abu Dhabi to perform. They visited France and Russia in 2017 to participate Festival Coree d’lci at Montpellier and Plums Festival at Moscow. They were recently invited to Spain for the opening stage of the 1st Matadero Festival de Música Electrónica Asiática


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  • Seoul, Korea

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