Takuma Takahashi

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  • ISEA2016
    Most of Takahashi’s art works explore the similarity of the human activity and software algorithms, the body movements and digital information. Our human society expects the machines to be stable and infallible even under an overwhelming amount of data, which he perceives as a digital noise. Takahashi sometimes feels beauty of an unexpected error. He feels like the balance between the physical world and the digital world is broken. In the networked age, human beings receive positive and also negative noises through computers and devices. Receiving too much information sometimes has two aspects. Noises that lead “stability” into “chaos” or “chaos” into “stability”. Then, what happens if a human adds purposely noise into a machine? Takahashi thinks it can be a trigger, which expands the limit of the technology. He believes that the by-product of the error from the intercommunication between human beings and machines can produce new forms of expression, which haven’t been discovered yet.

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