Teoman Madra

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    Teoman Madra is a photography and multi-media artist who started his half a century production in May 1964, with his first abstract photography exhibition at the Municipal Art Gallery Beyoglu, Istanbul. Subsequently, he continued doing new things and frequented contemporary art events yearly. His abstract photography with contemporary music shows reflected Fluxus concepts and aesthetics. He is one of the first artists who experimented with video and computer to create multi-media environments and installations, always using the original compositions of Turkish and international musicians. He made first video art show in Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture in 1979. He did many yearly multimedia performances and installations between 1965 and 2010 and was invited to participate in the Paris Biennial of 1967 at the Musée de l’Art Moderne, as well as the 48th Venice Biennial. Throughout in 2000’s, he made multimedia shows, interactions, photography video, music shows, such as solar2002intermedia and Dada-Loop show. He participated in ARTALAN II in 2005, Mediterranean Countries Festival in 2006 and AMBER Festival in 2008.

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