Tiago Franklin Rodrigues Lucena

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  • ISEA2014

    Tiago Franklin Rodrigues Lucena, LART_University of Brasilia, BR


    Tiago Rodrigues Lucena .Arts and Media FestivalDirector graduated in Arts and Media course at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande-Paraíba_Brazil. In a professional atuation i´ve been working with video and non-linear edition, and direction of hypermedia and multimedia products: webdocumentaries, websites, interactive cd-rom applications.  In master research, at UnB _ Universidade de Brasília, in a Arts and Technology I investigated the field of Mobile Art (in a pratical-theorical research). Mobile Art is a art practical that has opened with the uses of mobile devices (cellphone, smartphones, netbooks..) in arts, science and technology. In this way I has development many arts/technology works exploring some tools of this kind of device: Bluetooth works in mobile social networks, GPS in GPS drawings, SMS in SMS literature and Flash Mobs, QR-codes in new narratives possibilities. Some of this works was exposed in Festivals of arts and technology. We expand now our research in doctoral program thinking in a association between Arts and Ubiquitous Computing. Now in a doctoral research i´m very interesting to deepen the discussions around the new Technologies in art and life, bringing some concepts of computer science.  Mobile computing, pervasive and ubiquitous computing are the phases that computing plataforms are sufferind and will change the how we perceive, share and create information. This research will be made in a new  collaborative space of LART _ Art and Technoscience Laboratory (coordinate by Dra. Diana Domingues) in intersection between Art and Software Engineering, Automative, Eletronic, Energy at Universidade de Brasília/ Gama campus. Organized II International Festival of Arts and Media – FAM in Brasilia-Brazil.

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  • Brazil

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