Tim Cole

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  • Tim Cole (UK) co-founded SSEYO Ltd in 1990. SSEYO is now a world leader in generative music for sound environments through its popular Koan software range, developed over the last 8 years. SSEYO has also published a number of exceptional generative music releases by pioneering Koan artists including Brian Eno, Jamuud of Loop Guru and Tim Didymus. The first of many Koan products was actually released by SSEYO in 1994 and in 1996 Internet focused SSEYO was the first company in Europe to release a plugin for Netscape Navigator. SSEYO’s massively Interactive Koan Music Control (IKMC) was launched in 1997 and is now integrated with Creative Labs’ Internet application Inspire. In 1998 Koan Pro 2 SSEYO’s flagship authoring system. was selected by the UK Design Council as a Millennium Product; the first Koan Essentials Morphing Drum + Bass was released in conjunction with Zero-G; and SSEYO worked closely with Greyworld leading to the launch of the Layer SE personal sensing surface. Cole is a composer, artist and entrepreneur and, together with other SSEYO members, he continues to develop SSEYO’s vision of Koan creativity tools and massively interactive Koan sound environments for the Internet. virtual worlds, games, toys, appliances, hypernstruments. public spaces and communities.


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