Tina Gonsalves

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  • ISEA2011

    Tina M. Gonsalves. My work has always explored aspects of the intimacies and vulnerabilities of being human. Most of us go through life hiding our wounds and vulnerabilities, or trying as best we can to conceal them. I look to the ways art, science and technology can converge to allow us to form a more intimate relationship with our own bodies. In the past I have explored the emotional signatures pulse, sweat movement (Feel Series2005/07), emotional intonation of voice (Medulla Intimata 2004) as agency for interactive artworks, to highlight the nuances of emotions and its importance in our lives. With Chameleon (2008/2009), an aim was to investigate the social role played by the unspoken language of emotional contagion. My current residency with the social neuroscience group at Max Planck Institute in Leipzig explores compassion. Together we are developing tools that can cultivate compassion and elicit awareness (Nowness Project 2010 – 2013 developed with Nokia Research Center, Finland). I am about to embark on an Asialink Residency, based in Beijing at Platform China. I will be exploring Chinese nuances of emotional expression, and how it may be impacted by globalization.


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