Trans-Global Underground

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  • ISEA1994:

    Formed in April 1991 as a DJ collective, fusing world music into underground dance beats and rhythms. Since formation, the band’s debut single, “Temple Head” has become a club anthem world over. Although not wishing to be linked too directly, they appear to be leading a dance-music movement of “ethnotechno”– the fusion of global sounds, beats and rhythms into contemporary club sounds. The band core is Mantu, Count Dubulah, Attiah Ahllan and Natacha Atlas – (Belgian singer/songstress who sings in Arabic, Hindi, French & Spanish), live they are joined by the vibrant and colorful line-up of T.U.U.P (The Unprecedented Unorthodox Preacher) – African storyteller and rapper, Neil Sparkes – beat-poet vocalist and Larry Whelan, a clarinet/flute wizard. – “…this London-based crew of multi-national magpies sound like a mighty disco remix of the United Nations”.


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