Vera Röhm

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  • ISEA2023

    Born in Landsberg am Lech (DE) in 1943, Vera Röhm grew up in Geneva and Darmstadt. After studying at Académie Charpentier in Paris for a year, she completed an internship as a stage designer at the Grand-Théatre in Geneva in 1962-63 before concluding her studies at ECAL in Lausanne. In 1967 she visited New York, New Mexico and California for work residencies. In 1968 Vera Röhm began making her first sculptures in Paris. Vera Röhm is a member of the Darmstadt Secession. Her works are part of numerous international and museum collections. She regularly exhibits in Germany, France and abroad, and lives in Darmstadt (DE) and Paris (FR).


Last Known Location:

  • Germany

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  • FR

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