Victoire Thierrée

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  • ISEA2023

    Victoire Thierrée is a French visual artist born in 1988. She lives and works in Paris She is inspired by the military world for her sculptures, photographs, videos and installations. Shestudied photography at the Gobelins school then continued her training at the Beaux-Arts de Paris from which she graduated in 2014. A research course on the Experiment in Art & Technology movement in 2020 completes his studies. She draws her inspiration from the techniques and underlying violence of the military world: metal sculptures evoking the aggressive and fluid forms of stealth aircraft , photographs and clothing based on camouflage techniques , etc. She is interested in the technologies used by humans in extreme military contexts of defense and survival 7 and the underlying strategies. Frequenting circles close to the armed forces, accustomed to secrecy, led her to think of infiltration as an artistic practice.


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  • France

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