Živa Ljubec

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  • ISEA2016

    Živa Ljubec is a transdisciplinary researcher, trespassing boundaries of any discipline and avoiding any obsolete differentiation of researchers into artists and scientists. Trained as an architect and curious with the precision of a mathematician, Živa studied both architecture and mathematics, the most widely applied interdisciplinary language, at the University of Ljubljana. For further exploration beyond the disciplinary sciences and for evolving transdisciplinarity into an imaginary organism of living knowledge, Živa was awarded her PhD degree in 2015 by the University of Plymouth. In addition to actively spreading her ideas through art interventions, exhibitions and conferences worldwide, Živa has been lecturing at AVA – Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana, where she developed her course on Transmedia / Media Theory.

    In 2015 she was invited by her mentor Roy Ascott as a visiting lecturer / artist to his Technoetic Art Studio in Shanghai, a joint program between SIVA – Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and Detao Masters Academy. Živa is currently appointed as the Coordinator of the Technoetic Arts Studio and a Senior Lecturer in the Advanced Course in Technoetic Arts. Additionally, she holds the position of Director of Studies in the doctoral and postdoctoral research program at Detao Node of the Planetary Collegium.

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