2 Performances in the 21st. C Virtual Color Organ


Session Title:

  • Intermedia Art in the Digital Age

Presentation Title:

  • 2 Performances in the 21st. C Virtual Color Organ



  • Jack Ox is the visual artist half of a collaborative team consisting of herself and David Britton, programmer. She will talk about the development of their virtual reality immersive project called “The 21st C. Virtual Color Organ” The Organ is an instrument which can visualize multiple musical compositions. It can be outfitted with separate color and image systems, depending on the different needs of various compositions. Ox will describe “Im Januar am Nil”, composed by Clarence Barlow, a computer assisted composition based mathematically on a 2 dimensional spiral and played by chamber orchestra. She will also talk about the in progress collaboration with Alvin Curran to be called “Gridjam “. This piece will be performed by geographically separated musicians inside their own immersive environment over the AccessGrid.




    Full text (PDF) p. 126-127