“27 years of artistic exploration – merging pixel, particles and people – MAD emergent art center” presented by Paré


Session Title:

  • Art Centers and Art Residencies

Presentation Title:

  • 27 years of artistic exploration – merging pixel, particles and people – MAD emergent art center




  • In the early days of Multimedia MAD emergent art center was bringing the new media platforms to the city of Eindhoven and Dutch creative industry to foster new artistic practice, connecting to networks in society and reaching out to a broad public.

    In 2000 MAD emergent art center transformed into a new phase: the name changed to MAD emergent art center. Collaborators are artists, designers, technologists, working as freelancer, volunteer, partner, together with interns and students.

    Pioneering into new possibilities and exploring technologies is showing a track of fast changing perspectives and realities. Now in 2022 we see the term Digital Culture settled in academic, policy and economic realms.

    MAD emergent art center has been catching up with sequential development of cultural implementations of technology, by creating ever new approaches. MAD ways of working shows a number of different activities.

    Along the way we have seen paradigms change: from pure artistic autonomy to relevance for society; from technology focus to human esthetics; from economic niche to crucial ingredient in innovation. Having an optimistic view on the future we believe we can make a difference, and will imagine things no man has seen before.

    New horizons unfold as we progress in time, unlocking metaverses, dreaming of quantum leaps, imagining AI enabled sustainable societies, where humans are key to a new balance between nature and artificial realities.

    Next up is our focus on the urban ecosystems where the big issues of our times become apparent and urgent. Artists and scientists are on the forefront of new solutions and systemic change. We need to support and facilitate their research and operation.


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