“A bottle of weather: an interactive media installation” presented by Lee, Lim and Nam


Session Title:

  • SPARK exhibition Artist Presentations

Presentation Title:

  • A bottle of weather: an interactive media installation




  • Artists Statement

    The sense of taste is an important sense in ordinary life, but it has been ignored in media art. In the area of art the word ‘taste’ has usually been used to describe an appreciation of art pieces and to express artistic styles, though we never literally taste artworks with our mouths. This artwork is the author’s first step to ‘taste’ art in synesthetic ways. It also refers to the strong will that a visual artist uses in attempting to taste image and sound albeit not literally tasted by the mouth. In this artwork the author suggests the mixology of cocktail, and the context of cocktail bar, as a metaphoric methodology of mixing images and sounds, thereby enabling people to taste image and sound rather than see and hear them. Firstly, the author presents a set of tangible user interfaces with a network connection to blend image and sound: a bottle, table, and dish interface.

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