A Mobile System for an Indoor Augmented Reality in Building Services


Session Title:

  • Augmented Reality in Practice: from Motion Tracking to Live Memory Machines

Presentation Title:

  • A Mobile System for an Indoor Augmented Reality in Building Services




  • The convergence of ubiquitous computing and visualization technologies is creating unprecedented opportunities for engineering teams to respond more effectively to the increasing demand for sophisticated, customized and high quality products and services in industry. Ubiquitous computing allows people to move between gateways to the information world in ways that are appropriate to their current setting. Visualisation related technologies, from immersive displays to Augmented Reality (AR), are routinely used in industry, with huge potential in engineering, health, heritage and archaeology, Architecture and culture.

    In this paper we will present an indoor augmented reality system for building services maintenance using motion tracking sensors within ubiquitous access to 3D models and services specifications including equipment location (fan coil, diffusers, etc.), pipe routes and technical specification using a variety of devices (HMD, PDA and Desktop computers). This mobile system is used by the engineers for building services maintenance using real time visualisation and co-location of the existing service equipment hidden behind ceiling or walls.