“A Reflection of Photography as Media of Art and Technology, In Indonesia” presented by Susanto


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  • A Reflection of Photography as Media of Art and Technology, In Indonesia




  • Introduction
    The history of technology is the history of developing techniques and inventing it is supporting devices. Knowledge and cultural background urges mankind to invent and just the opposite almost most scientist analyzes maters by reflecting on technology because the proficiency of technology will directly effect on economic efficiency and other traits. Photography as a form of development in mechanic procreation of art is a phenomena of art and technology in indisputable growth. At it is commence, the documentary purpose of photography has taken over the era of realism painted artworks. At this period the human demand for documentation is crucial. Photography extends and becomes a new form of visual reality. For instance, the conception of studio photography for European high society, mass media illustrations, nature documentation and other fields of study. After over half a century after it was introduced, photography has given important contribution to cultural progression of the modern human particularly during the 20th century when it created a revolution in terms of vision or the way of seeing. Photography does not only create accurate imagery, but also specified and objective in presenting reality.

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