“A study on reconstructing meaning and experience with virtual restoration” presented by Han and Sung


Session Title:

  • Positioning local and global transactions

Presentation Title:

  • A study on reconstructing meaning and experience with virtual restoration




  • Abstract

    This study will discuss virtual restoration in cyber-space of Sungnyemun – one of the prime cultural properties which was ruined – through the creation of characters in cyber space.

    On 11 February, 2008, the Korean number one national treasure Sungnyemum, an ancient historical gate in central Seoul, was burnt down by an arsonist with foolish anger. The incident damaged national pride and people felt very sad for the loss of one of the most important symbols of Seoul city. The architecture, originating more than 600 years ago, was a considerable part of Korean’s everyday life. This created a feeling of absence in daily life – yet its spirit was felt to remain. There was a huge desire to restore the national treasure in various ways, including a reconstruction plan, collecting funding and creating a virtual Sungnyemum on-line. In this study we will look at the simulacra1 of the building in Second Life, to consider how virtual restoration of Sungnyemum was created in cyber space. This restoration was completed through a process involving four levels of reproduction. In this paper the process will be explained. Also, more broadly, the characteristics of cyber culture will be discussed.

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