Active Cinema


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  • Cinema after the Digital

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  • Active Cinema




  • Session: Cinema after the Digital

    We attempt to utilize an interactive multimedia environment to aid in the design of a cinematic aesthetic by creating our movie in a simulation environment. By combining a technical interface with an aesthetic interface we have created a movie that is adjusted in real-time by the viewer. Leveraging archetypal motifs we push the visual narrative to express extremes of variety more suitable to the given user experience. Our system utilizes multimodal tracking interfaces: facial tracking and brain computer interface (BCI) and a graphics display system. Built upon studies conducted on the meaning of image with attempts at quantifying the emotional impact of imagery and motion we discuss our attempt to quantify aesthetics designed to facilitate the construction and understanding of a given cinematic experience. We contend that by creating a system that updates a cinematic statement we can optimize the viewing experience creating more compelling cinematic works. Extending this technology further we propose a method to accentuate media experiences by producing causal imagery, visuals that occur as a result of the viewer’s state of mind.



  • Video: A Gesture-based Interface and Active Cinema  Visual design affects the viewer with various meanings depending upon how it is presented. Our research optimizes visual design in a short animated movie format whose plot is a fixed linear narrative. Designed and functioning in a simulation environment we manipulate the visual design of this short movie according to feedback detected from the viewer. Our goal is to explore the film-maker’s ability to refine and optimize a movie experience in a real-time environment working toward a system that dynamically optimizes the visual and auditory impact of a narrative.