“Altered Landscapes” presented by Miller

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Daniel Wayne Miller, Altered Landscapes


Session Title:

  • Augmented Feelings & Artificial Environment

Presentation Title:

  • Altered Landscapes




  • Altered Landscapes is an artist talk where Daniel Miller will discuss his recent projects: Malignancy, Floodwaters also referencing earlier projects. In Floodwaters materials flow, meander and randomly generate new forms only to be controlled and manipulated by a humanmade system. Malignancy is an artwork where animations of a blue moulin ice lake is projected onto a frost covered metal cooling plate. The video animation of the moulin will enlarge as viewers approach and possibly touch the frozen plate. For many years now Daniel Miller has used to robotics and electronics to investigate environmental issues in his artwork. His recent projects explore relationships to the physical world through mimicking landscapes.


  • University of Iowa