Amiga Computers in a Low Cost Interactive Integrated Media Network


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  • Amiga Computers in a Low Cost Interactive Integrated Media Network






    The artists recently completed an interactive Music/Theatre piece (Electronic Purgatory) which combines the forces of computer generated visuals, computer controlled multi-image slide projection, computer controlled electroacoustic music, and “live” performers. From the inception to the completion of their project, the artists developed the piece on three equally important parallel levels:

    They decided that a proper network had to be developed which would give each artist his/her own control station (input terminal). The system had to be readily available, inexpensive and portable. For this purpose they decided to employ two Amiga computers, which would share the burden of the systems operation as follows:

    1) The music computer which runs “M”, an intelligent music software package, SoundScape, a music sequencer, and MIDlmouse which is used to control parameters in both “M” and SoundScape.

    2) The visual computer, which runs Mandala, and is used for interactive detection, image sequencing, and control of the multi-image slide system. Multi-tasking with Mandala is MIDImouse, which is used to synchronize visual events to the music sequencer. The artists connected the two computers to a two-way MIDI communication network which would allow them to exchange crucial cueing and timing information.