An­titer­ror Line


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  • Secure Insecurity

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  • An­titer­ror Line




  • Panel: Secure Insecurity

    The An­titer­ror line in­stalled New York New York from March 2002. This ser­vice en­ables any phone to act as a net­worked mi­cro­phone for col­lect­ing live audio data on civil lib­erty in­fringe­ments and other anti-ter­ror events. You call in and leave a mes­sage. Mes­sage may be spo­ken re­port or in-progress record­ing of an anti-ter­ror at­tack. UP­HONE up­links your audio record­ing di­rect to the BIT on­line ter­ror data­base. An audio ac­cu­mu­la­tion of mi­cro- in­ci­dents which in­di­vid­u­ally may be in­ac­tion­able but en masse could pro­vide ev­i­dence for a de­fin­i­tive re­sponse. The bit UP­HONE is a dis­trib­uted, pub­licly read­write­able news­net­work de­signed to with­stand the mil­i­tari­sa­tion of your gov­ern­ment/the mar­tial takeover of your reg­u­lar broad­cast net­works. Sys­tem fa­cil­i­tates in­for­ma­tion col­lec­tion under con­di­tions that can­not be ac­cu­rately pre­dicted / for which you may be un­pre­pared, for ex­am­ple when an an­titer­ror event oc­curs you may be away from your Desk. The re­sul­tant audio files are held in an open data­base and can be mon­i­tored, syn­di­cated or remixed for your pur­poses. Bu­reau will pro­vide a full re­port and sys­tem main­te­nance.