Archiving as Art or Data Base Esthetics


Session Title:

  • Archiving as Art

Presentation Title:

  • Archiving as Art or Data Base Esthetics



  • This session came out of two projects that intersected in practice. Archiving as Art coordinated by Karen O’Rourke, a collective artists’ web site, and the AI& Society special issue ‘Database Aesthetics’ edited by Victoria Vesna. The archives constituted or used by artists participating in this panel are of different kinds, as are the technologies they have chosen to exploit them.
    Despite their often contradictory approaches, each artist has built from these raw materials a coherent artistic statement. The ensuing discussion will allow them to confront results, methods and perspectives.

    Panel proposed by Karen O’Rourke.

    Moderator : Karen O’Rourke.


    1. Patricia d’Isola, Christophe Le Francois – RDV-Murmures de quartier. Activites microbiennes.
    2. Eduardo Kac – Time Capsule
    3. Georges Legrady – Des souvenirs dans les poches
    4. Lev Manovich – Freud-Lissitzky Navigator
    5. Karen O’Rourke – Archiving as Art