AR(t) in the Orient


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  • Augmented Reality in Practice: from Motion Tracking to Live Memory Machines

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  • AR(t) in the Orient




  • In 2009 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam started the project ARtours. This project aims at investigating and producing augmented reality tours around the collection of the Stedelijk and modern art in general. The project aims at both indoor and outdoor applications:

    –       Indoor as a replacement or addition to the classic audio tour.
    –       Outdoor as a new experience and new interactions with modern art

    In both instances not only the current collection is used but also new developed art forms and new narratives will be incorporated in the project.

    The project focuses on a wide range of aspects such as technical, user experience, creation and management of information, indoor and outdoor, young and older audiences

    The presentation will cover three subjects:

    1. Introduction to the Stedelijk Museum and why the innovative and suprising AR-project was started.  How do we engage the audience into new user experiences and how is it changing the museum space itself.

    2. Explanation of the platform we are currently building. This platform will be used to create tours in and around our museum and also to commission artists to come up with  original AR artworks. During the process of platform development we will create and evaluate business models that will suit the public, the art community and its business partners.

    3. Presentation of the following ARtours projects:

    – Me on the museum-square: a virtual exhibition of original 3D art on Museum Square in Amsterdam.
    – The ARtotheque as shown at Lowlands festival and PICNIC: an art-library where the public can borrow (virtual) masterpieces from the Stedelijk’s collection and place these themselves.
    – The Design Tour: a: a walk through Amsterdam with design artifacts in historical context. b: Active participation redesigning the city’s beauty by covering up construction sites.
    – Two AR exhibitions in the museum space itself. These are commisioned ARt tours.
    – Newly developed tours that are currently in concept phase.

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