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  • Virtual Interventions: Digital Avant Gardes

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  • ARTWARPEACE sculpture plan is an internet/real space project built by Frank Riepe and Michael Falkenstein. Settled between virtual space and real space we are building projects concerning real space and internet. Projects are planned and constructed in the net where you find the work in its own special appearance. The real space appearances are events, happenings; video, sculptures or installations. The places for our works are any kind of public space as cities, museums, festivals or the internet.

    Freie Scholle-AWP
    The idea of happiness, settlement of worlds and the desire to achieve private happiness drive people on. The urbanisation of our planet is a land-art project lasting several millennia. The protagonists are those who searched for happiness and built the houses for future generations. Learning from the settlement and building societies, we have founded Freie Scholle-AWP. A settlement community that offers inexpensive purchase of your own home; the House of Happiness in which happiness is virtually preordained. With the aid of ancient wisdom, holistic insights, demands of the labour movement and scientific facts, we have created a system of components that guarantees happiness and satisfaction for the inhabitants.