“Augmented Abstraction” presented by Bakreski and Marina


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Augmented Abstraction




  • In this paper we present the creative process of the art installation, titled “Augmented Abstraction”, in which the previously established and accumulated knowledge about abstract painting acquires new aspects by means of its translation through the digital media and AR (Augmented Reality) computer technology, and involvement of the audience in the process. The key challenge of the installation is to detach color (sensations) from form (representation) and make the creative process aboveboard i.e. to deal openly to the audience.

    Subject of this paper as well as of the installation is the interspatiality in art, the new understanding of human presence, inhabiting both the real (uncomputed, corporeal, actual) and virtual (computed) worlds at the same time. The objective is to investigate and point out some of the new aspects to the concept about image as a secondary manifestation of the primary vehicle of creativity – the abstract code, emerging from the interaction between the
    virtual objects and the real world.

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