Augmented Reality Project: “Mirrechophone” and “Smiles in Motion”


Session Title:

  • Cave, Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality

Presentation Title:

  • Augmented Reality Project: “Mirrechophone” and “Smiles in Motion”



  • Artworks as themes of research in the creation of meaning in augmented interactive multi-media. The phenomenon of “interactive multimedia” has experienced a drastic increase in potential in the last few years due to technological developments. The possibility of interconnecting sensors, complex computer algorithms and the many sided expressions of media is now so great, that the primary interest in fascination with the technology may shift rather to the creation of meaning. In our multimedia set-ups, the computer is relegated to a place where data is recorded, processed and transmitted. We can then be concerned with multimedia in a context of Augmented Reality, with creating spatio-sensory, perceptive and reactive constructs. An interactive multimedia set-up is a world construct, in which everything consists of second hand impressions of different forms of processed transmissions — projections, sounds and reactions as interpretations and translations in a constructed reality. One is never in direct realization, but in search of meanings with one’s own physical presence, in which one’s own senses and actions can conquer, interpret and recognize. What one can do with a computer is generate pre-programmed decisions – artificial intelligence. In order to give a more complex meaning to interactivity than simple reactions to stimuli, an interpretive program should be supplied with opinions, intentions and taste. Things should be constructed with adaptive resistance and its own will, — and this should be recognizable by participants and audience. A simple form of personality with a mixture of fixed reactions and irrational behavior. It is not a question of making artificial intelligence alive, but shifting interactivity from simple reaction to the creation of meaning.


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