“Aus Alt Mach Neu: Recycling Arts” presented by (Cym)


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  • Media Spaces/Personal

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  • Aus Alt Mach Neu: Recycling Arts




  • Some years ago I started creating wallets from empty Tetrapak packages. More than ten years I had been working with computers, but now I was making a living from creating products from trash, completely without the use of a computer. I developed a whole range of products: wallets, notebooks, lights, clocks and more, all made from empty supermarket packages.
    At that time I was living in a small village on the countryside, where I was transforming an old farm into an art center. In these new surroundings there was only little interest for my qualities as a web designer, but the people around me were very enthusiastic about my recycled objects. When they saw my wallets made from empty milk cartons, they would say ‘That’s what I call true recycling!’. They would call me a recycling artist. From now on, I would call myself a recycling artist.

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