Session Title:

  • Forms of the Invisible

Presentation Title:

  • Auschwitz/Hiroshima



  • This paper will combine text,-video, and slides, relating to experiences visiting and making images of and relating to Auschwitz and Hiroshima. It is based on travel to Eastern Europe and Japan with Warner Wada, a Japanese American artist whose uncle survived the Holocaust. A subtext of the presentation, the tapes, and any discussion was our experience of psychological similarities and differences. The text describes how the Japanese environment effected recordings; feelings about visiting grandparent’s home in Sighet, Romania; observation of Hiroshima peace day rituals and visits to ancestral shrines; chance meeting with Stelarc in Tokyo; theories of blind art; psychological insights; ongoing collaboration with Warner; and relationships to current international crises. The concurrent images will include original, real time recordings, raw processed images, and completed versions of Damaged Visions and Ten Thousand Things, slides of computer video systems, computer animations, and opaque projections.