Biocybrid Ecology: Art, Technoscience and Living Systems


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  • Urban Ecologies

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  • Biocybrid Ecology: Art, Technoscience and Living Systems




  • The following article describes some transdisciplinary artistic project, developed in Laboratory of Research in Art and TechnoScience at the University of Brasilia, Gama College in Brazil. Those works are using systemic theoretical/practical thinking and concepts from art, science and technology as a basis to understand relations of the connected body with technologies, of the living systems in symbiosis with digital elements, about  natural and artificial perceptive phenomena at the physical space and cyber data. The body performance art was tattoo with the augmented reality code, allows for interaction with virtual wings tagness in the back of body.

    Another artistic experience that geolocated the information at the urban space by use mobile device is 14 Bis-Santos Dumont’s airplane-, the virtual object was geotagness in the sky and its structure was natural size. Our researchers intend to contribute for artistic creation of new body condition in the mixed space, as an reinvention of the environment and re-engineering of life and nature. The connected world that real phenomenal and digitals coexist and can interact since artistic urban works in Brazil, play of sensations created by complex systems, where organic and inorganic are self-dependent, we contextualized these relations by a new ecology, when the biological signals of body plus hybrid language add cyberspace, we called Biocybrid Ecology.

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