“Challenging Interactivity in Public Space” presented by Her and Hamlyn


Session Title:

  • Hybrid Public Spaces

Presentation Title:

  • Challenging Interactivity in Public Space




  • Digital interactive art often demands a certain level of physical involvement in order to fully realise the artwork. Such an approach engages the audience and successfully provokes greater sensory awareness. However, the question of whether audiences are able to obtain Meaningful Experiences through predominantly physical interaction with art installations initiated this research.

    In previous studies (Her and Hamlyn 2009, 2010), the authors selected Taipei and Kaohsiung MRT systems (Mass Rapid Transit) as the major research spaces and defined the research questions:

    1. What experience does the audience obtains through interaction with the art installations?
    2. How do audience experiences evolve?
    3. How meaningful are these experiences?

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