Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns


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  • Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns



  • Poster Statement

    Computer technology is maturing as a significant medium for artistic creation. Software is the defining element of current technology offering remarkable freedom to sculpt and mold sound. Creative audio work is approached through process and intuitive application of tools and ideas, using some things that I have built myself and discovery through experimentation. Raw audio, that is any recordable sound, is manipulated through various processes and reconstituted into patterns of pure sound or in a manner which plays upon new meanings when the original sound is fragmented, counterpointed against itself, repeated, duplicated, distorted, etc. Computers are perfectly suited to these processes and software creatively applied can be the defining element for audio work.

    Poster Session: I will be presenting documentation of computer controlled interactive audio installation work I have done recently including; germ originally Monstrous caused at ISEA95, under the influence of ether, an interactive radio transmission at the Western Front Lodge in Vancouver, and Cranking Out Paradigms; new work in collaboration with Lori Wiedenhammer. This presentation will encompass creative process, inexpensive sensor technology, and the Opcode Max programing environment.