Choreographing Topological Spaces within Dance Performance with Real-time Video


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  • Digital Dance

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  • Choreographing Topological Spaces within Dance Performance with Real-time Video




  • This paper will explore how the use of real-time video projection in live dance performance creates various types of spaces for choreography and how these spaces result in a topological approach to dance-tech work.

    Within the research, the types of space identified within choreography with real-time video projections, including physical space, camera space, projection space, and compositional space. By examining Massumi (2002) and Rotman’s (2009) discussions of topology, these spaces can be considered topological as they have transformative relationships, continuous functions between spaces, and are not defined by Euclidean geometry. The use of topology to understand this spatial configuration reflects topology as a system for movement and continuous change,

    How these topological spaces are choreographed and incorporated into the choreographic process informs the craft and technique of the devising work with real-time video projection. An underlying practice-as-research approach is reflected in the use of performance work and the creation of performance works by the researcher to both develop the concepts of space and interrogate the main issues within these spaces. It provides the field of choreography with further explorations of how one may consider space when making dance work and how one may incorporate interdisciplinary approaches into the creation of dance work for black box theatre spaces.

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