Cinema Over Photonic Networks


Session Title:

  • The Experience of Film and Documentary

Presentation Title:

  • Cinema Over Photonic Networks




  • The paper will discuss the transmission of super-high definition motion pictures as the next step of cinematic transformation, following sound, color and the digital age. It will also report experiments conducted over the GLIF (Global Lambda Integrated Facility) network, a scientific and experimental research network formed at the FILE and describe the Cinegrid workshop and its similarities to the old technology fairs in Europe, where mareoramas, paneoramas, keiseoramas etc. were exhibited; addressing the similarities between pre-cinema and post-cinema technology. It will reflect on the possibilities of live cinema with festivals being held in several different countries and regions, concerts and shows in public places, integrating different communities and reconfiguring the public domain. Other relations, such as the participative spectator, the collaborative aspect, the challenge of interdisciplinary work between artists, physicists and engineers, as well as the desire for the globalization of cinema since its birth will also be discussed. And, finally, explain the Project 2014K and what results are expected.

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