“Cinevolution Media Arts Society” presented by Chang and Lee


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  • Cinevolution Media Arts Society




  • Making Space, Making Place: Community-Based Media Art as a Transformative Force.

    Sitting at the nexus of art, academia and community, Cinevolution’s mission is to decentralize art while connecting people across cultural, political, geographic and linguistic boundaries in order to foster media literacy, stimulate critical discourse, and cultivate creativity. Based in Richmond, British Columbia, we are committed to bringing contemporary migrant perspectives and experiences into global conversations through film and media arts. By forging new connections between artists, researchers, organizers and the community, we seek to raise awareness about pressing social issues, empower diverse individuals to participate in the public domain, and stimulate critical discourse and innovative thought.

    A grassroots, women-run and migrant-led organization founded in 2007, Cinevolution’s programs have focused on challenging conventional definitions of identity, facilitating community belonging, and increasing access to media arts amongst marginalized populations from the very beginning. We have a significant history of developing, producing and presenting site-specific, public-engaged arts activities for audiences of all ages.

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