Circuits and Bread


Session Title:

  • Short Paper Presentations

Presentation Title:

  • Circuits and Bread



  • I know you can’t sort the world’s problems out single handed – I mean you spend most of your time trying to figure your own situation out, let alone having spare time to take all this other stuff on board – but there are some things out there that bug the shit out of me, and I really wanna try and figure them out. Like, how come there’s this crowd of no-goods out there getting fat off our blood, sweat and suffering, beating us all into one big booby-hutch social club and then trying to sell us the video…

    Grass thing on my part. No way. There’s some real heavy duty bad-ass head breaking going on out there, and I guess there’s more than genes at work. I give thanks that I have clean water and a mobile phone. Which all kind of spurs me on to get involved with this other stuff, which is why I like it when I’m with people, or watching people, or taking stuff in that reminds me there’s a beating heart out there, people pushing the envelope, breaking the boundaries, breaking the law.

    Analog, digital, make a miracle: why settle for less? Stay alive or die on the vine.