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  • City Scapes



  • A Proposal From Charlotte Pochhacker

    Dealing with contemporary cities and its architecture is dealing with the changing perception and experience of (public) space, and by extension with the public sphere. Some critics have reduced the evolution of the urban experience to the decline of the city, and the loss of reality. And the fact that the public space is no longer only a (physical) city space but also a (virtual) data space, has only strengthened their pessimism. But how do contemporary artists perceive and experience the contemporary city and the evolving public space ? How do they use city architecture and the structuring of the public space as a cultural text through which the economical and social can be read ? Does their (new media) art offer a possibility to formulate an alternative vision ?


    • Charlotte Pochhacker.


    • Hermann Asselsbergh, Els Opsomer, Rony Visser, Sabine Bitter, Helmut Weber, Yvonne Wilhelm, Alexander Tuchacek, Christian Buehler, and Bart Lootsma.