“CODED CULTURES: Exploring Creative Emergences” presented by Russegger


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  • Coded Cultures and Japan Media Arts Festival Session

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  • CODED CULTURES: Exploring Creative Emergences




  • Codes and Cultures of Creative Delineation
    Since a couple of years the codes of creative cultures have been put into perspective pretending globalized societies and city policies. Questionable terms like creative and cultural industries (Landry 1995, Florida 2002, et.al.) are not able to subsume the complex states of art in which new innovative operations have been pushed by artistic modes of delineation. Within the framework of CODED CULTURES, a platform established 2004 by the group “5uper.net”, the focus lays on ability profiles, knowledge cultures and projects of artists, researchers and producers departed from the digital realm. Working on the intersection of disciplines like Art, Science, Technology and Design, requires strong networks of cooperation between individuals, communities and projects. Beside the cultural diversities, which have been accomplished via the Festival CODED CULTURES during the “Austria – Japan Year 2009”, complementary issues are already applied trough socio-technological requirements and requests. Based on the idea of intermediation between heterofactorial cultures of delineation, CODED CULTURES as an interactional network, festival platform and research unit. We are interested in giving an outlook to creative clusters, questioning how contemporary cultures are shaping the conditions of complex media realities and polylogic artistic strategies in the age of post local and transclassic patterns of society and culture. Artists, researchers and curators
    in this sense play a mayor role in developing test environments for upcoming cultural emergences in a prototypical sense. One importance is a deeper reflection on creative practices to bridge the gap between expert knowledge and educational approaches within artistic production processes. The sharing of knowledge leads to a communicational challenge and art as an idiosyncratic representation or idea can transform highly accumulated topics from fields like biotechnology, space research, games studies, informatics a.s.o.

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