Collaboration vs. Autonomy: Models of Social Computing in the Arts


Session Title:

  • Kunstliche Kunst: Art and Aesthetics in Times of the Artificial

Presentation Title:

  • Collaboration vs. Autonomy: Models of Social Computing in the Arts



  • Panel Statement

    Panel: Kunstliche Kunst

    My presentation documents research aiming at the introduction of aspects of natural creativity in machines. It explores the concept of social computing where man and machine contribute to a climate of invention and discovery. It documents interactive works exhibiting a creative drive in either of two senses. First, in the sense of a conversational approach: how to make a self-expressive machine that also strives for the accommodation of a larger social whole — in other words, how to solve the conflict of expression vs. integration. Second, in the sense of total autonomous behaviour: how to make a machine (soft or hard) that remains expressive in the face of ever changing environmental constraints. This requires that we also address the machine analysis and representation of ‘character’ and ‘style’. The work presented bears strong relationships to current work in both artificial life and conventional knowledge-based Al. We shall offer examples of projects realized over the last 5 years including agent oriented simulations for real-time musical improvisation and interaction, genetic algorithms running cellular automata and emergent functionality in distributed, self-organizing systems.