Collecting New Media Art


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  • Collecting New Media Art



  • This panel invites curators from Dubai and internationally to share working practices around collecting contemporary art, including media and new media art. The collections of museums, galleries, online art organisations and private individuals are increasingly broadening to include more new media art. Because new media art is sometimes non‑material, process‑based or involving audience participation, how might these kind of practices be collected? What is actually collected (objects, beta software, instructions?), where (online, offline, nomadic?) and how (commissioned for collection, bought from art fairs, versioned from production labs?). Does new media art challenge, or become embedded, the globalised nature of art markets? Because new media is used as a means of documenting, archiving and distributing art, and because new media art might be interactive with its audiences, this highlights the new kinds of relationships that might occur between audiences as viewers, participants, co‑producers, selectors, taggers or taxonomisers.