“Collective Film Script Writing: Experiences in Using Mobile Creative Writing Tools” presented by Ollikainen, Kaario and Mattila


Session Title:

  • Collaborative Production

Presentation Title:

  • Collective Film Script Writing: Experiences in Using Mobile Creative Writing Tools




  • Our high level research question:
    How to utilize contextual design methods and collaborative software tools for creative writing purposes.

    Some practical questions:
    What are existing tools and technologies to harvest single human idea (think, talk, write) into innovation as fast / efficient as possible
    –>Tools and technologies to record and push forward single human idea into metadata powered idea pool
    –>Linkage into data mining technologies and collaboration tools

    How to harvest raw idea into collective wisdom
    –>What is good idea seed, like three word sentences.. ?
    –>Semi-automatic text tagging, CMS presentations

    We have end user study ongoing on collective film script writing process.  Currently, we are studying text mining techniques and usage of other media than text to support collaborative script writing process, e.g Mobile Multimedia Internet Forums.

    Our goals:
    1. seamless mobile system for idea creation (talk, write, pictures, tagging)
    2. semiautomatic creation of story synopsis from noisy text data

    Also, our goal is to apply collective copyright schema into distribution of the final media artefact (s).

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