Commedia del Multimedia and Locomotion Pictures Panel Statement


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  • Digital Aesthetics

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  • Commedia del Multimedia and Locomotion Pictures Panel Statement



  • Between 1970—1989 in the city of Arad (Romania) a research and creation group was active in the field of cinematographic experiment. Since 1990 on Kinema Ikon functions within the Multimedia Atelier of the Arad Museum and switches from film to video tape. From 1995 on, as a result of the recycling of competence, the KI members produced hypermedia works on CD ROM: Opera Prima and Commedia del Multimedia. In using the new image producing instruments, the new experimental hypermedia works are characterized by a ludic-ironic treatment of the content and the expression forms. Since 1994 the group has issued the experimental review Intermedia (offset & CD ROM). Commedia del Multimedia by Kinema Ikon group: Commedia because of the playful approach proposed with ironic crossreferences where the mythological referent is paraphrased by the digital processing of everyday-objects and analogic frames put on screen by the authors as electronic variations of the labyrinth theme. Locomotion Pictures by Calin Man: Using the pretext of Zenon’s paradoxes a homage to Black Maria Studio is payed. About 600 BMPs have been used, programmed to be exhibited, following a simple logic, by the computer, which plays the role of a projection machine.