Computer Architectones


Session Title:

  • Tools and Generatively

Presentation Title:

  • Computer Architectones



  • Computer Architectones result from the evolution of 3D / two layers constructor cellular automatas, whose behavior is inspired by urban systems that cannot be mapped with a global geometrical principle (medieval cities, slums, medinas). 0n the first layers, numerical animals appear, live, and die. Under certain circumstances, they produce geometrical blocks (‘mass-like’ or ‘space-like’), whose behavior defines the second layer: their interaction with their neighbors depends on their prescribed ‘personalities’. Such societies of objects have many counterparts in the realm of architecture. They produce unpredictable but deterministic environments which can be materialized through stereo lithography. The scale of these sculptures (25-30 cm) is reminiscent of architectural ‘bonsais’, minuscule cities or buildings with fractal-like details just waiting for an opportunity to become full-sized environments. The outcome of three experiments using large-scale architectone fragments are presented.