Computers and the Intuitive Edge


Session Title:

  • Gender and Technology: What Problem?

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  • Computers and the Intuitive Edge




  • “in­tui-tiv, a. Perceived by the mind immediately without the intervention of reasoning; having the power of discovering truth without reasoning”. One of the most common terms one comes across when being convinced about a powerful new interface is “intuitive”. The very heart of the computer architecture is the rational and architects are working on developing an intuitive interface in order for the tool to be easier to work with, to be marketable. What exactly does the industry mean when they use the term “intuitive”? Does that mean that neither “rational” thought nor training is needed to use these machines? Intuition is also linked to supernatural powers which are so foreign in the technical/scientific/male-dominated world where everything has to be a proven fact in order to be accepted. Perhaps a whole new idea of the word when used in this context is being formulated.