“Contesting citizenship: participation and political art” presented by Haughey


Session Title:

  • Citizenship and Contested Spaces

Presentation Title:

  • Contesting citizenship: participation and political art




  • Abstract

    “Individuals, even when undocumented immigrants, can move between the multiple meanings of citizenship. The daily practices by undocumented immigrants as part of their daily life in the community where they reside – such as raising a family, schooling children, holding a job – earn them citizenship claims …”    _Sassen 2002: 12
    “What intersubjective relationships are possible when image makers, exploring the temporal and spatial co-ordinates of migration across varied locations and public spheres, initiate different modes of collaborative production and fieldwork practices in their research imaginaries?”             _Grossman & O’Brien 2007: 3

    Citizenship or xenophobia: Ireland’s dilemma
    On June 13, 2008, Ireland’s citizens went to the polling stations again, this time to decide the future direction of the European Union under the Lisbon Reform Treaty. Ireland’s government and the majority of EU member state governments are still recovering from the shock of Irish citizens rejection of the Lisbon Reform Treaty. In 2001 the Nice Treaty, was also rejected but, under huge European pressure, a second referendum was put to the people and the yes vote won by a narrow margin. At the time of writing similar pressure is being brought to bear in order to ratify the Lisbon Reform Treaty.