“Convergence and Creativity Art Program for Local Community” presented by An


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  • Convergence and Creativity Art Program for Local Community




  • The Seongbuk Cultural Foundation is a non-profit public interest foundation established in 2012 to carry out various cultural projects, including support program for artists and organizations, and research and publication for the development of culture and arts in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. Through cultural cooperation, we established a cultural policy that was created by all Seongbuk-gu residents, and operates various cultural facilities including libraries, a movie theater, art museums, a women’s and a community center, and a youth culture sharing center. In particular, we are trying to make a prosperous ‘Culture City Seongbuk’ through diverse programs such as local representative festivals, revitalization of living culture and children’s youth culture and arts education. Also, we are strengthening partnerships with various subjects, including artists, schools and private cultural and artistic entities, to expand culture and arts education and establish a knowledge ecosystem.

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