Creative Critical Action Beyond Economy into “Techno-Ecology”


Session Title:

  • Discipline-specific Case Studies in Teaching New Media

Presentation Title:

  • Creative Critical Action Beyond Economy into “Techno-Ecology”




  • Creative critical action with STEM-A (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through Art) is a philosophy which integrates exploration of STEM subjects through art inquiry. This approach to STEM education creates space for the instructor to include ethical, radical and inventive approaches to educating students.

    Innovation is the most prized human dexterity, and STEM education is a critical component of societies to produce innovative products. However as global economies emerge in our post-google society, facing human impacted climate change, it is critical that we radically change the face of our education system and eventually our economies, to include a broader scope of STEM innovation. Art and diversity need to be included in STEM education to foster a sustainable community of ethical technologists who create solutions for humans beyond industry.

    How does STEM education through art, media and technology defy formal education through DIY, viral and social media? With the exploration of electronic arts, media and sciences, students gain valuable skills for using and working with complex STEM concepts, while integrating ethical, and critical thinking skills. STEM acquired skills through artistic inquiry further the ability of users and creators to make educated decisions about innovative processes, products, or services; created or consumed. Thus the art of “Techno-Ecology” will blossom into another era of radically urban sustainable technology exploration.

    STEM-A Example Classes/Workshops

    Circuit Bending (remixing, culture jamming, re-use, re-appropriation)

    STEM Standards:
    Science (chaos theory/anti-theory, sustainability)
    Technology (deconstruction of technology, technology ethics)
    Engineering (Electronics soldering, multi-meters)
    Math (reading and calculating voltage)

    Video Remixed – explore the world of video remixing, looping, dj/vj culture, creative critical action and guerrilla art. Create videos that promote ethical dialog on human impacts in the environment.

    STEM Standards:
    Science (ecological ethics, leave no trace) Colorado [mining and geology] Taos [plastic bag tax, pollution]
    Technology (camera, computer hardware, software, media)
    Engineering (storyboarding, developing timelines, digital narratives, video installation)
    Math (image quality, data storage, lighting)