“Creative Disturbance” presented by Nazir

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    • Creative Disturbance


    • Creative Disturbance is a platform developed in response to the need for a rupture in the arcane networks that currently connect creative people. Creative Disturbance is an international, multilingual network and podcast platform supporting collaboration among the arts, sciences, and new technologies communities. It operates through a podcast channel system, whereby transient or ongoing subject-matter channels are developed, produced, and disseminated. Each channel includes at least one podcast on a niche topic, as well as a repository of field-based “additional information.” Representing Creative Disturbance is Cassini Nazir, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Arts and Technology Program at the University of Texas at Dallas. He will analyze the technical and design challenges for nurturing crowd-sourced conversations and share his experience with the podcast series. Prof. Nazir will also describe how unlikely connections emerge on this platform and how they incorporate feedback and suggestions into the site design.