Creative industries forum


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  • Belfast Panels

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  • Creative industries forum




  • Panel Statement

    The Creative Industries Forum is a platform that brings together leading international experts in the field of digital content production and underpinning technology development. It offers a critical space for both formal debate and exchange, and informal networking with key sectoral stakeholders and creative professionals from Northern Ireland.

    The Creative Industries Forum will address crucial issues that have been identified in the Interim Strategic Action Plan commissioned by the Northern Ireland Department for Culture Art and Leisure as well as Invest NI’s Digital Content Strategy for the development of the creative industries sector ir Northern Ireland. These wider policy issues include the discussion of an  appropriate strategic growth of businesses in the sector for a region such as Northern Ireland, the effective development and utilisatior of talent, knowledge and skills in the field and  strategies for their internationalisation as well as the building of innovative partnerships.  Workshops in the afternoon will deal in more detail with key concerns that have merged from the morning debates.