“Cultivating Human Potential in Virtual Art Studios” presented by Lim and Song


Session Title:

  • Short Papers Online Content

Presentation Title:

  • Cultivating Human Potential in Virtual Art Studios



  • How can art educators fulfill human potential in the process of teaching and learning in online art studios? How can they transmit their passion and enthusiasm for art making in virtual environments teaching and learning to cultivate human potential in the virtual classroom? This paper investigates the ability of remote art learning to unlock human capabilities. Based on the definitions of human potential, we specifically examine three aspects of learning behaviors and environments within this study. First, we focus on students’ self-discovery, self-directed learning, and self-efficacy. Second, we investigate the concepts of connection and communication, which are integrated into the virtual classroom. Lastly, we explore the unique characteristics of the educational environment for virtual teaching and learning. Inspired by Neurath, Chambers and Sandford (2019) illustrated educators in the digital age as “sailors who must rebuild their ship on the open sea” (p. 926). Based on these findings, we encourage other art educators to embed fluidity and flexibility into their online art educations practices, to facilitate the virtual art classroom that may cultivate human potential.